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1. Creating Cron Jobs

This will describe how to create cron jobs on Fedora Server to run bash scripts (That is scripts ending with .sh)

How to set up:

  • First ensure that you have created your file in a directory, let's say /home/user/
  • Then enter sudo chown user:user, to change the owner of file to your user
  • cd /home/user change directory into your home directory
  • Next enter sudo chmod +x, to give the file executable permission
  • Test run the script by entering ./
  • Verify it runs successfully, and that there are no issues
  • Next visit, and edit the values to how frequently you want to script to be automatically run
  • Next, go back into your terminal, cd, and enter EDITOR="nano" crontab -e
  • This will bring up a text file. Enter the value you configured on and then enter location of script:
  • 10 2 * * * /home/user/
  • Once your happy with what you've entered, press Ctrl + X,y and Enter to save.
  • And with thatm you've successfully set up your crontab on fedora server!

For ubuntu the steps are identical. Follow them exactly